Coimbatore Coconut Producer Company Ltd.

An initiative of Coconut Farmers, Coconut producer societies & Coconut producer federations

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CCPCL is headed by a team of 14 members from agriculture & industrial background.

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1897 individual coconut farmers with 45 coconut producers society and 10
coconut producers federation

Creating a Change

CCPCL is an initiative of Coconut farmers for enhancing and developing the agricultural lifestyle.

For the People

CCPCL is intently working on producing organic & eco friendly agricultural products for the people.

Coconut Chips

Coconut Chips

Coconut Chips Overview

CPCRI has developed a process for producing the coconut chips by osmotic dehydration fol-lowed by hot-air drying. Fresh kernels of matured coconut containing reasonable amount of water are to be used for this process. After osmotic dehydration of the coconut slices, instant coconut chips can also be prepared by drying in the microwave oven. Coconut chips like sweet chips, spicy chips, medicated chips and sweet chips with different flavour can be prepared. The coconut chips are hygroscopic in nature. Hence, the chips must be packed in the hygienic pouches, which will main-tain its flavour and crispness up to a 6-month period without affecting its microbial and bio-chemical qualities. The coconut chips are crispy in nature and ready-to-eat form. No frying is required before the consumption. It is having its own good coconut flavour as no oil is used for frying. It can be used as snacks. After rehydration of the chips, it can also be used as fresh kernel.


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CCPCL is involving various activities joined hand with VIA, Marico Etc.

Coimbatore Coconut Producer Company Ltd

About ccpcl

CCPCL is an initiative of Coconut farmers of Pollachi taluk, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. CCPCL is affiliated to Coconut development board and financially supported by NABARD through Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture.

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